tires and/or tube change: $8 each

slime an existing tube: $5

{Safety Check: $45}

Our most inexpensive tune-up. This is mostly a safety check of the entire bike, including:
•    lube
•    brake and derailleur adjustments
•    inflate and/or replace tires and tubes

{Basic Tune: $65}

•    clean, lube and realign the drive train
•    adjust derailleurs stops and indexing
•    realign brake pads
•    lube shifters, cables, and brake pivots
•    simple true on the wheels
•    inflate and/or replace tires and tubes
•    safety check to make sure the bike is safe to ride

{Intermediate Tune: $99}

In addition to the Basic Tune we will:
•    re-adjust all bearings, hubs, bottom bracket, headset to the proper spec
•    remove and true the wheels
•    wash the bike

{Advance Tune: $149 }

This tune is the closest thing to getting a new bike. In addition to the Intermediate Tune, we will:
•    strip the bike to the frame
•    open up, clean, and re-lube all bearings

Stop by the shop if you have a specific problem and we will give you an estimate and guaranteed timeline for completion.

*for all tune-ups, parts are an additional cost if needed