Rock Climbing

Cañon City is the hub of some of Colorado’s finest year round rock climbing.  Within a short scenic drive from downtown one can reach the limestone cliffs along Shelf Road, the granite domes along Oak Creek Grade, or the bouldering along Newlin Creek.  Depending on elevation and sun exposure one can climb year round in Fremont County.

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Chalk – Protection – Carabiners – Rope- Chalk Bags – Quick-draws – Harnesses -Slings – Bouldering Pads


Shelf Road- Sport climbing in a high desert environment.  Climbing year round.

Oak Creek Grade- Granite sport and trad climbing.  Higher in elevation.  Ideal late spring through fall.  Seasonal closures on some cliffs.

Newlin Creek-  Granite sport climbing and bouldering.  Shaded riparian canyon.  Ideal late spring through fall.